We are a boutique consulting firm with a collective experience of over 100 years of solving difficult problems for our customers using Design and Technology.

We help our clients find new revenue opportunities, gain entry into new markets and present original ways to engage their users.


Effortless scheduling for all families

As the modern day family gets more diverse, managing children’s schedules becomes stressful, emotional, and complicated.
Parentship is a stress-free solution for getting everyone on the same page.

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Skool Commute - An entirely new and safe way to manage school commute for K-12 students
Our proprietary platform promotes social green commuting and leverages trusted social connections to create an efficient peer-to-peer arrangement for Carpooling. Available on iOS and Android (Beta).
To get your personalized school app, get in touch!
To get your personalized school app, get in touch! labs108
Services we provide
We design and build innovative apps across platforms and devices such as e-readers, mobile phones and tablets. We are uniquely positioned to deliver end to end App lifecycle management.
Android Bakery
We know the art of baking for various android delicacies, be it for mobile phone, tablets or ebook readers. We can satiate any of your app development needs with our design-led agile process which helps us in building a crisp solution possessing both beauty and the brains. Firm believers of co-creation, we work together with our client through each step of the process right from ideation phase to app submission to create a simple and elegant application catering to their needs.
Hybrid Mobile App
We design and develop Hybrid Mobile Apps based on labs108 proprietary framework for our customers faster and with highest quality. labs108 framework is a cross platform Mobile Hybrid App framework built using Sencha Touch 2 and PhoneGap. It provides faster time to market for Mobile App on multiple platforms and with Native like experience, optimized for high performance.
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We start with identifying goals, objectives and opportunity areas. Then we communicate the data from our research to our clients via insights, signature design patterns and design concepts.
Design labs108
The idea goes through an iteration loop, where it gets evaluated against design, technology and business impact, bringing the concept to maturity faster than ever.
Develop labs108
Our design and development team work in tandem employing agile methodologies to bring design concept to real life with unmatched speed and quality.
Deploy labs108
After final review of the developed solution by internal and external stakeholders before the product is deployed, packaged and distributed to the intended users.
Our Leadership Team
With over 100 years of combined experience we have been solving difficult problems working with the best design and development companies.
Deepak Agarwal
CEO & Founder
Deepak is a silicon valley veteran, who has spent over than 15 years leading mobile development teams at Nook Media, Samsung and Nokia. He was an early employee at Nook where he led the development of e-Reader Framework and several core services. Prior to that, he was involved in the first Android phone development at Samsung. He wrote software for S40 phone in Nokia Mobile phones, which was deployed in more than 2 billion phones worldwide. He loves writing code, building scalable architecture and providing technical direction as Chief Architect.
Anuja Singh
COO & Founder
Anuja’s unrelenting focus on operational excellence keeps us running smoothly. She brings over 15 years of experience in program management and quality assurance and has worked at Microsoft, Infosys, Evolving Systems, NIIT and was part of the leadership team at an educational startup Mindlogicx Infotech Limited. She is passionate about the power of education, in her off time, she teaches programming to kids.
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